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2019 Track Dates at Desertmartin Motocross Track

(Please note these dates may be subject to change)

The following dates are listed for 2019 . We also run practise days on Saturday's which are free of racing at out Mountainview track throughout the year and on various days at our 'Back Practise Track ' throughout the week . Weather permitting may see a couple of practise days on the main track in January /February . Follow us on face book under Desertmartin motocross track for details from week to week or text 07731 438170 or email

Contact Marlene for any information needed for any of the MRA run Event/Cookstown Club on 07731 438170 or

Dates for the main track at Desertmartin for 2019
* Important - these dates are subject to change should circumstances change
* Throughout the year there may be additional track days which will be displayed on the
Upcoming Events List seen on our Home Page.